Backstroke is the trail name alter ego of Cameron McNall. I am an architect, avid distance-swimmer and dedicated yogi living in Los Angeles. I started backpacking in Boy Scouts, solo-walked Hadrian's Wall when I was 15 and the Tour du Mont Blanc at 18. I have always carried a light pack but in recent years have adopted ultralight backpacking "UL" techniques with a pack base-weight that varies between 9 to 11 pounds ( ( In 2016 I took a winter mountaineering refresher course; bagged some desert peaks; in June walked the GR20 trail that runs the length of Corsica; in late September did a section of the SoSHR (Southern Sierra High Route) while climbing six California 14,000 ft (14er) peaks. In 2017 so far I completed the Sierra High Route early in the season while there was a lot of snow covering the nasty talus rocks; spent a week to explore the Kaweah Basin; and did some relaxed trail hiking in SEKI (Sequoia-Kings Canyon). All contemporary photos on this site were taken with an iPhone, which is an amazing camera.

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