Backstroke is the trail name alter ego of Cameron McNall. I am an architect, avid swimmer and dedicated yogi living in Los Angeles. I started backpacking in Boy Scouts, solo-walked Hadrian's Wall when I was 15 and the Tour du Mont Blanc at 18. I have always carried a light pack but in recent years have adopted ultralight backpacking "UL" techniques with a pack base-weight that varies between 9 to 11 pounds. Alan has one of the better overview websites about UL: ( In 2018 I completed a customized version of Andrew Skurka's KCHBR (Kings Canyon High Basin Route), spent five days hiking in the Cotswolds and Wiltshire, England, and am chipping away at climbing all the California 14'ers. For 2019 I am considering several several weeks of peak-bagging in the Sierra, and possibly finally some more time in the French or Italian Alps. Earlier photos were taken with an iPhone 5; photos from the last three years with an iPhone 6, which has been an amazing camera; and I just upgraded to an iPhone 8 and look forward to a bump in latitude and sharpness. The homepage photo was taken by my son Reeve with an iPhone 6SE.

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